Garden Ice bath, how to use?

“Garden ice bath” is a popular term these days that are frequently searched for on the internet. The popularity of taking an ice bath is growing rapidly and more people are becoming familiar with the Wim Hof method. The use of an ice bath will allow you to regain your strength, find your balance and feel physically and mentally stronger than ever. In this blog, we will tell you more about what an ice bath is, how to use it in the garden, and what to look out for when buying an ice bath for the garden!

An ice bath in the garden is very convenient these days for you to experience the benefits of cold water therapy outdoors. This eliminates the need to stand under the cold shower or go to open water nearby you. An ice bath is a large tank or tub of cold water in which you can sit for a certain amount of time to experience the power of cold water therapy and stimulate your body. For example, an ice bath in the garden also is a great way to apply the Wim Hof method.

What are the benefits of an ice bath in the garden?

There ice bath in the garden has several advantages, we have listed them for you:

  • Experience an ice bath outdoors: Taking an ice bath outdoors is a completely different experience than doing it indoors or in a warm room, for example.
  • At all times it is possible to take an ice bath: Having an ice bath in the garden means that you can take an ice bath at all times.
  • Time efficient: You no longer have to spend time driving to open water or the sea, for example, an ice bath in the garden is an ideal solution when you have a busy schedule.

Garden Ice Bath VS Cold Shower

A garden ice bath is a more comprehensive and intensive form of cold water therapy than a cold shower. A cold shower offers almost the same benefits, such as increased energy and mental clarity, but the ice bath goes further in refreshing and stimulating the body and can be used for body recovery. We have listed the benefits of taking an ice bath versus a cold shower for you:

  • An ice bath gives a more intense experience than a cold shower. Because you are in an ice bath with your whole body, the body will give a better response than a cold shower in which one body part gets cold each time.
  • Using an ice bath in the garden saves a lot of water compared to taking a cold shower. You can leave an ice bath for at least 2 weeks, and if you maintain it properly, the time period will be even longer. Therefore, this will save you a lot more water than taking a cold shower.
  • Taking an ice bath allows the muscles to recover faster. A cold shower can also aid in muscle recovery, it will just not be as effective in the end versus taking an ice bath.

How can I set up an ice bath in the garden?

To make an ice bath in the garden, you need a large container or a tub like the one from Tactiv Recovery. In addition, during summer days, you will need enough ice to keep the water cool. During winter days, the cold temperature will cause the water to cool itself. While making an ice bath, keep in mind the following steps:

  1. Choose the right location in the garden to place your ice bath: It is important to place the ice bath in a smart spot in your garden where you feel comfortable. Taking an ice bath is an intense experience so it is important that you feel comfortable. Otherwise, this will be a stumbling block to getting into the bath at all.
  2. Buy a tub large enough for your body: Tactiv Recovery’s tub is designed for people up to 210 CM tall.
  3. Fill the ice bath with cold water and add ice if needed to cool the water further. You can use real ice cubes or refillable ice cubes for this purpose!
  4. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the ice bath. It is important to know what the temperature is before using the ice bath. As you become more experienced, you will be able to handle cold temperatures better each time you use it.

Using an Ice Bath at home

It is important to know exactly what you are doing when you start using an ice bath at home. Taking an ice bath can greatly improve your mental and physical health. It can give you energies which you have never experienced before. To do this, use the tips below:

  • Build up the time and intensity of the ice bath gradually.
  • Don’t take an ice bath alone the first time, but make sure you have someone nearby for emergencies.
  • Do a warm-up and breathing exercises before stepping into the ice bath.
  • Always hydrate well after taking an ice bath.

Purchase an ice bath for your garden

There are several garden ice baths for sale, varying in size, material, and price. Before purchasing an ice bath, it is important to ask yourself the frequency and purpose with which you will use the ice bath. The Tactiv Recovery bath is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. In addition, the ice bath can be used for both short and tall people, and the weight does not matter!

Are you looking for an ice bath?

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