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We have kept it incredibly simple so the best version of yourself is always just a couple of steps away. We tell you exactly how to take an ice bath and the rewards of taking an cold plunge.

How do you take an ice bath?

Taking an ice bath sounds simple, you fill a tub with cold water and sit or lie down in it. In practice, however, this works a little differently. A number of factors determine whether you will experience the benefits of taking an ice bath. First, make sure that taking an ice bath is always done safely. With the steps below, you can always be safe while taking an ice bath at the right temperature.

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1. Prepare your body for an ice bath

It is important not to take an ice bath with a cold body. Your body needs to be warmed up first. You can warm up your body by walking, jogging or doing short muscle exercises. Thisis also why an ice bath is often used after exercise. Your body is then already warmed up from an intense workout.

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2. The right temprature of your ice bath

What temperature should an ice bath be? The ideal temperature for taking an ice bath is between 5 and 10 degrees. Taking an ice bath causes shock to your body, which is why it is important to train on temperature and the number of minutes you spend in the bath.

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3. Taking the ice bath

Start by immersing your lower body. This will help your body get used to the cold. Next, step into the water up to your chest. You can choose to keep your arms above the water the first time. If you want to go a step further you can go all the way up to your shoulders in the water.

The more often you take an ice bath, the more used to it you will become. If you are more experienced, you can choose to immerse your head under water. While doing so, always make sure you breathe calmly and concentrate well. Also, don’t go underwater with your head for too long.

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4. Relax, enjoy and push boundaries

While taking an ice bath, it is important to stay calm and make sure you have your breathing under control. If necessary, you can do breathing exercises. Stay relaxed in the ice bath until you reach your goal or you no longer feel comfortable. If you notice your body cramping up, it is advisable to stop immediately. It is essential that you feel good during a cold bath, otherwise it may have negative effects.

Temporary Storage?

Not using the ice bath for a while and want to store it? Then drain the ice bath. Then loosen the valve of the inflatable ring and let the bath dry thoroughly. Then fold the bath and store it in a cool place.

How to take an ice bath

The first steps before you can use your new Tactiv Recovery ice bath tub.

Step 1. Set up

Unpack the Tactive Recovery ice bath tub package neatly in the spot where you will set up the ice bath. First, slide the tubes into the holders/sleeves, then use the included pump to inflate the ring at the top of the Ice Tub.

Step 2. Temprature

After you assemble the Ice Tub, add water to the maximum line indicated. To bring your tub to the desired temperature add ice to the water. Ready? Check the water temperature with the thermometer included in the Tactiv Recovery package.

Step 3. Prepare surroundings

After taking an ice bath, dry off thoroughly and put on warm clothes to raise your body temperature. Therefore, place your clothes near the ice bath so you can access them quickly. You can set an alarm on your phone so you know when you have reached your time goal.

Step 4. Going in

Before getting into the ice bath, first get your breathing under control. Breathe slowly and deeply. This helps to align your body and mind, giving you the calmness needed when taking an ice bath. Now move to the edge of the ice bath. Take a deep breath and slowly immerse your feet, legs and waist into the ice bath. As you do this, exhale slowly.

Step 5. Enjoy

When you are up to your neck in the ice bath, it is important to fully control your breathing so that after a while you will experience the cold as pleasant. When you come out of the ice bath, you will immediately experience a feeling of happiness and strength that you have probably never felt before.

The benefits of taking an ice bath!

But what are the benefits of an ice bath and what exactly does it do to your body?

Basically, your body experiences a mental reset. Your body reacts to the cold, releasing adrenaline and raising your heart rate. Then your body goes into a relaxed mode.

An ice bath is mainly taken in the morning because it provides an energy boost for the whole day. You feel a lot fresher during the day and you may experience increased motivation. This is because of the dopamine kick you get after taking an ice bath. Taking an ice bath also works well to reduce stress because resetting causes your body to release tension.

Tips of the iceberg

Cold water gives you the feeling that you’re alive.